We all like to feel like we’re doing a good job, that we’re being successful and making a difference. We can all probably come up with a lot of “fluff” about the importance of our jobs, or the scope of our responsibilities. But nothing is better than hearing firsthand from the folks whose lives are being impacted by what we do.

Such is the case based on a report we received just today about the launch of the “Journey To Freedom” course at the Elk River YMCA. As most of you know, “Journey To Freedom” is a signature program adopted by the US Mission. Birthed and developed in the Middle Tennessee YMCA by Scott Reall, the JTF team has now branched out under its own ministry called Restore Small Groups. This past Monday night the JTF course was led for the very first time at Elk River. Tuesday morning Bjorn Dixon, Pastor of the Why Church that meets on the campus of the Elk River YMCA, sent along a glowing report of Monday night’s launch. Just look at some of the comments of those who actually participated in this brand new opportunity.

Female participant: “This experience allowed me to take time to examine my struggles. It opened up honest conversation at home, led me to make a plan to improve my family dynamics, and to work on balance and positive relationships.”

Female participant: “The outcome of the class for me was a realistic check-in of where I
am now in my life and a positive plan for the near future. Hope is empowering.”

Male participant: “I began this class feeling very lost with where I was, who I am, and with
no answers to problems I had… I feel now at a completely different place than where I was
when I started. I have this sense of openness to talk and share with those closest to me
about my feelings and concerns, and most importantly about where I want to be and how
I am going to get there. This class laid out the foundation of steps to free myself from the
things that have held me back. My wife asked me after the last session if it was worth the
time and energy and money in my opinion. I told her honestly I would have paid thousands
if I knew the impact it would have on me!!! Great program and class! Thank you all
so much!!!”

Female participant: “I felt like a failure; that weight loss and healthy eating was something
I could never accomplish. Now I know that I’m training (not just trying) and that God will
help me in this area of my life too!”

The reality is, personal testimonies always say it best! JTF couldn’t come up with enough advertising gimmicks or slogans to outweigh the power of such personal impact statements. We encourage you to join us in praying for this new group in Elk River, Bjorn Dixon as he oversees the development of this group and 4 others in his association, and Scott Reall and the team at Restore Small Groups as they continue to find ways to bring the power of life transformation through “Journey to Freedom”.