Full-circle moments really are fantastic.  Carrie Evans gets to have those moments multiple times a week teaching classes at the Vigo County YMCA in Terre Haute, Indiana. But after 3 years of teaching dance fitness, shefound herself wanting something more from her classes, and she had a feeling her participants felt the same. 

That’s when she  discovered a new dance fitness program called REFIT®.  There was something drastically different with the music and choreography—it actually brought her JOY!  The music used for this format was positive, uplifting and inspiring.   The incorporation of faith within the REFIT® workouts was exactly what she was looking for.  

Carrie immediate contacted the REFIT® founders about getting certified, and soon after hosted and attended the first REFIT® Instructor training in Indiana (Terre Haute).

REFIT®  is a fitness program dedicated to revolutionizing fitness by engaging the heart not only as a muscle, but as a soul.   It is holistic.  It is Revolutionary.  

REFIT® classes are environments where individuals can feel safe regardless of their outward physical appearance.  It is a welcoming atmosphere for people from all walks of life and beliefs.  In a REFIT® class, you will see people who may be radically different from one another coming together for a common purpose: to have FUN while working their bodies, nourishing their souls and building a community of friends who support one another.  Community is the point of REFIT®, and this was the missing piece she wanted to bring to her participants.

Ten revolutionaries were certified as REFIT® instructors in Terre Haute on November 10, 2013 – included Carrie.  REFIT®  now has over 900 instructors in the US and Canada, and that number continues to grow every week as the REFIT® creators go from state to state personally certifying this growing family of instructors.

Carrie now teaches 2 REFIT® classes at the Vigo County YMCA, and her partners, Anndea Jordan and Kelly Doan each teach a class as well.  Their Branch Director, Eleanor Ramseier has been instrumental in giving them the freedom and opportunity to build REFIT® within their YMCA. 

In the short time they have been teaching REFIT®, they have seen many of their participants experience breakthroughs and victories of their own.  Two of Carrie’s participants approached her after class on separate occasions wanting to know more about her faith.  The freedom to express her faith through the music selection and prayer in class, has resulted in a community that feels safe and supportive.  Both of these women gave their lives to Christ. 

Carrie says, “I’ve seen people enjoy exercise when they hated it before.  I’ve seen weight loss victories that made me cry because I saw how they had struggled for so long.  I’ve witnessed people in tears during our cool down because they were so moved by the music.  That’s true healing.  That’s worship.  That’s where REAL change occurs.”

In November REFIT® will serve as one of the sponsors of the US Mission Network’s first National Conference, “SEIZE THE DAY” in Orlando.  They will be setting up a small dance floor near their exhibit booth to demonstrate the REFIT®  program which combines several elements of fitness into one power-packed hour. While the focus is structured around CardioDance movements, toning and flexibility, strength training and stretching are also incorporated into the  REFIT® workout. The workout formula is easy to follow and will both challenge fitness enthusiasts and welcome beginners.

For more information on REFIT® please visit their website at:  www.refitrev.com