It was a unique opportunity to address the entire exempt staff of one of the leading YMCAs in the country.  Earlier this month Larry Whittlesey, our National Director,  was given the privilege of doing just that in the city of Louisville. 

Louisville may be best known as the location of the Kentucky Derby, home of boxing great Mohammad Ali, or the Louisville Cardinals football team,  but it is also host to one of the largest and most effective Y’s in the country.  In fact, the Louisville YMCA is the home of the national program “Safe Place” and a number of other programs that continue to impact the YMCA across the country. 

Led by longtime CEO, Steve Tarver,  the Louisville YMCA has locations throughout the region serving a very diverse population.  At their recent quarterly gathering at a local hotel for the  exempt staff stories were told and awards given for some of the meaningful ways this team has impacted the community.  In addition, Larry was given an entire hour to address this team of 90+ key leaders about the work of the US Mission Network.  It was exciting to see the camaraderie of this team and their eagerness to be a part of this larger Christian emphasis.

If you ever get a chance to head to Kentucky, make sure you stop by the Louisville YMCA……just make sure when you pronounce Louisville as“Lou-a-vul”!