For more than 10 years the Christian Emphasis Committee at the Fremont Family YMCA has held an annual fundraising run that promotes overall wellness for the community.

The race was generally a success, pulling in as many as 140 participants on some years, but the committee felt like something important was missing.

 A Christian emphasis.

“We thought that by making it just a wellness run we could attract a larger spectrum of people,” said Mary Thomsen, executive secretary and committee member. “We really wanted to make it faith-based, to bring the Christian emphasis back.” 

In 2014, partnering with Georgia-based company Run for God, the committee sponsored its first Run for God 5K and 2-mile walk. This year though, the company pulled back on a lot of its ventures, so the committee took it upon themselves to host a similar event.

“We talked as a group and decided that it was something that we could do ourselves,” Thomsen said.

When most people think of a YMCA the first thing that pops into their mind is athletics. However, when the first YMCA organization was founded in England in 1844, Christianity was at the forefront of everything it was trying to accomplish. Connecting the current emphasis on physical fitness with the expression of their Christian faith just seemed to make to the team at the Fremont Family YMCA.

“Run by Faith” was held on Sunday September 27th.  Participants and those who had just come to be a part of the festivities enjoyed a beautiful day at nearby  Christensen Family YMCA camp.  

Mary Thomsen said,  “It was a warm and sunny day. The big hit of the day was the weenie roast with s’mores that were served after the race. People hung around quite a while after the race and enjoyed the food and fellowship.” 

Thanks to the Fremont Family YMCA for giving us another great example of how we can combine “faith with fitness”.