One of the partnerships the US Mission Network is developing is with the world renown Global Leadership Summit.  The YMCA already represents one of the largest groups that attends the Summit each year……both in person in Chicago and around the world.   We are working to expand that number and hopefully provide some future satellite sites for this annual event.

The GLSnext app now features 500+ free leadership training videos from the GLS faculty.  With so much world-class content right at your fingertips, sometimes it can be tough knowing where to begin. That’s why the Global Leadership Summit and GLSnext app are announcing a brand new resource called GrowthTracks!

Think of it like a library of workout plans for growing your leadership, each designed to walk you through a track of videos tailored to help you grow in an area of your choosing—one video per day delivered directly to your inbox.

What are GrowthTracks?

It’s like a library of workout plans—not for the gym, but for your leadership training.  This new resource willguide you through a set of training videos tailored to help you grow in the areas that matter most to you.

You’ll receive an email each day with a new training video from the GLSnext app to help you improve in the area you have selected. When your GrowthTrack ends, start a new one to ensure you’re always focusing on getting better as a leader.