It’s not in every organization that there’s a legacy of leaders that everyone can agree were men of incredible faith and influence.

The founder of the YMCA, George Williams, led a life that we can all look up to.

William’s had a small framed card in his room that simply read:

“God First”

In a way, this small phrase summarizes how Williams led his life and his organization. In all things, he sought the will of God before his own, and honored God in everything he did.

In his every aspect of his character, the God First mentality was present.

Regarding business, Williams once said, “What is my duty in business? To be righteous. To do right things between man and man. To buy honestly. Not to deceive or falsely represent or colour.”

With the abundant success of the YMCA, he prayed, “Oh Lord, you have given me money. Give me a heart to do your will with it. May I use it for you and seek to get wisdom from you to use it aright.”

Let us look to the model of the founder of the YMCA and bring our hearts into that same attitude of complete submission to the will of God in all aspects of our lives. The YMCA would truly be a place of complete transformation!

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