I love it when a plan comes together! The plan definitely came together recently in Fort Wayne. Last month the Renaissance Pointe YMCA helped sponsor a community block party – an incredible Christian Emphasis event which attracted over 2,000 participants! Fifty organizations, businesses and churches, along with numerous City officials were present, including the Mayor of Fort Wayne, Tom Henry. Television crews, radio stations, and newspaper reporters all converged on the scene to capture the excitement. They gave away a car, served over 3,000 hotdogs and water bottles, hosted a series of cultural dances, and much more in a fun-filled day for all involved.

One of the groups present were The Gideons, who sponsored $2,000 worth of Bibles to pass out at the event. In private conversations with Gideon volunteers, a number of those present sought personal spiritual help. The Gideons are exploring a national partnership to provide Bibles free of charge in the YMCA throughout the USA.

Additionally, Tim Hallman, the Director of Christian Emphasis for the Fort Wayne YMCA, along with numerous other pastors from surrounding churches, led prayer for the City, the Mayor, and law enforcement officials. Tim, along with Melissa McCann (Membership Director of the Renaissance Pointe YMCA and others from the local association, are meeting this month  to discuss more plans & strategies to lift up the “C” throughout the Fort Wayne YMCAs. They are very excited by the growing sense of collaboration within their association and the larger community.

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