Each year one of the largest groups attending the Global Leadership Summit, sponsored by the Willow Creek Association, is the YMCA.

Pictured left to right: Andy Calhoun, Paul McEntire, Todd Tibbits, Eric Ellsworth, Tim Joyce, Steve Tarver

Representatives from YMCAs attend this high quality conference at regional sites all across the country. In addition, each year there is a significant contingent of key YMCA leaders in attendance at the live presentation at Willow Creek’s campus just outside of Chicago.

From a number of years a group from several large YMCA’s have coordinated their trip to Summit. This includes the CEO’s and members of their staff from Charlotte, Raleigh, Richmond, Indianapolis, and other YMCAs.

Reflecting on this year’s experience, Tim Joyce, CEO of the YMCA of Greater Richmond, said, “GLS was fabulous. Different, as each year is, but strong.  Broad, diverse faculty I believe brought a message to all.” Sitting with a group of about 45 YMCA leaders in Chicago this year, Tim went on to say, “We sat together, dinned at lunch together and fellowshipped fully. Truly a great bunch of amazing cause driven leaders.”

One of the primary goals of the US Mission Network is to promote the idea of Christian Leadership Development for YMCA staff and volunteers at every level. Our ongoing partnership with the Global Leadership Summit is a perfect example of how we are working to expose YMCA’s to the best resources available for such training. Other partners, like Restore Small Groups and Transformational Leadership, provide similar high quality training opportunities for individual staff members or entire staff teams.

The GLS is held the second week of August each year. For more information visit their website at www.willowcreekglobalsummit.com