It’s been an exciting time in Indianapolis lately. Recently the YMCA open their brand new downtown CityWay facility. This amazing new facility has been immediate received by the community. Our congratulations go out to CEO Eric Ellsworth and his team!

But to make things even more exciting, a few weeks later Heartland Church’s new Downtown Campus was launched in the CityWay facility. Josh Heaston, Chaplain of the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, has been working hard to acquire active church partners for a number of the local YMCAs.

To say Heartland got off the right foot would be an understatement. On their first Sunday, February 7th, over 300 attended the service. The church is committed to “true ministry partnerships” with the YMCA, including sharing one of their staff people to serve as the “Chaplain” at the CityWay YMCA and having 2 people from the church serve on the center’s Christian Mission Committee.

On the first Sunday of April the new church held their first baptism service….a spontaneous one at that! 17 people get baptized. The Campus Pastor Bryan Bigger share some “really cool stories” behind that number:

  • 3 of the people were first time guests
  • 1 woman was in town to visit her grandson and he was able to baptize her
  • 8 of those people are members of the YMCA and came to Heartland through signs and personal invites at the YMCA
  • 2 were Spanish speaking and required a translator
  • In addition to these 17, 40 people have committed their lives to Christ at Heartland Downtown since our first Sunday

Bryan says,  “I could go on but just wanted to say how thankful we are for your support and partnership. God is truly moving at the YMCA.”

Isn’t it great to see how God is moving in today’s YMCA if we open ourselves to that possibility!