Building a Healthy Spirit


April, 2017

Partner Ministries

As many of you have heard, we recently launched a partnership with Alpha to host Alpha groups at YMCAs across America.

If you are unfamiliar with Alpha, you can find more information here.

Our goal is to host an Alpha group in a YMCA in every state by December 31, 2019. We know this is a lofty goal, but we think we can accomplish this goal by praying, partnering and providing.

We’re starting with prayer because we believe in the power of prayer. We are praying, we’ve asked many of you to pray, we’ve assembled a prayer team…we are covering this in prayer. But we’re not praying for it to be successful for the sake of success; we are praying that people will encounter God’s love and be transformed by Him through these groups. And we’ve already seen God answering these prayers. Doors are opening and interest is being expressed in regions that we didn’t anticipate. God is already moving in unexpected, exciting ways.

Our hope is to create new and strengthen established partnerships between YMCAs and churches. Is there a church that is running Alpha in the area? Perhaps they would be interested in hosting their group at the Y. What about a church with a Y partnership but is looking for a way to meet people where they are, as they are? The Y gives them a great opportunity to do that, and the church could host a new Alpha group there.

Are you a Y Christian emphasis director or chaplain who is interested in hosting an Alpha group at your Y? There are plenty of ways we can equip you to help you effectively host an Alpha group in your Y. Whether that’s providing training, sharing with you all of different variations of Alpha groups you could run and talking about which would be the best fit, or letting you know different printed resources that are available, we are here for you. We want to be a resource for any and all Ys who are interested in hosting an Alpha group.

We believe that hosting an Alpha group gives the Y a fantastic opportunity to help its members build a healthy spirit. We’re looking forward to seeing what God does in and through this partnership.

Please contact Joe Pfeiffer if you are interested in learning more about hosting an Alpha group at your local YMCA.