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Standing Together in the Storms

Rarely has the US experienced a month like this one. September 2017 has already seen the landfall of two major hurricanes impacting the lives of millions in the Southeast, especially Texas and Florida. The YMCAs in those regions have been deeply impacted by these storms. Flooding, loss of power, wind damage, displacement of their staff and the overwhelming needs in their communities have created an opportunity for YMCAs to demonstrate their Christian principles in meaningful action.

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Serving Those Who Serve Us All

The Armed Services YMCA makes military life easier by providing programs and services to the young men and women of all five armed services: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. These Ys support more than 500,000 young enlisted soldiers, sailors, airmen and their families each year with the help of gracious donors and stalwart volunteers. The Alaska Armed Services YMCA offers some very unique programs that are specifically geared to serve military families. While they don’t have a recreational facility, they offer a variety of services on four military bases in Anchorage and Fairbanks, and service the rest of the military installations in the state through outreach programs.

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Opening Hearts And Minds

You are well aware of the many people in your Y family and larger community that need healing, and are facing sickness and disease. Our nation, as well, needs healing, peace, and unity—rather than social chaos and turmoil. With those thoughts in mind, Angie Prenger, the CEO of the Long Branch Area YMCA in Macon, Missouri, has called her members and staff to join together in prayer.

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Ys Take the Lead on Good Friday

One of the more exciting public events each year is the annual Good Friday Prayer Breakfast. These well attended gatherings are often sponsored by the local YMCA. Earlier this month, Ys around the country took leadership in bringing this celebration of faith to their community.

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Changing the Culture Beyond the Gym

“I am so glad the YMCA is offering a program like this.” That’s what Elin Aldrich said when asked about the Restore Small Groups program she is now privileged to lead in the Twin Cities. Restore Small Group’s Journey to Freedom is a Christ-centered small group that started in the YMCA of Middle Tennessee. It has been transforming lives in the Twin Cities since the YMCA decided to invest in this offering in 2015.

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International Connections

Are you aware that the YMCA is in 119 countries? Many of these YMCAs respond to needs in their communities with programs and services that help people to reach their full potential. This past fall, after hurricane Matthew hit the island of Haiti, it was the YMCA that assisted in providing resources and aid to many families of this country. In Germany, YMCAs reach out to refugees in their country who came from various war-torn, Middle Eastern countries. In the Ukraine, the YMCA ministers to their citizens who have been displaced by war. The Lebanon YMCA also reaches, responds and serves Syrian refugees.

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Foster Care Changes Lives

Chris Sapp has a busy life! He serves as the Executive Director of the YMCA of South Palm Beach County in Boca Raton, Florida. A graduate of VCU in Richmond, where he majored in athletic training, ending up as a YMCA executive was a natural fit. But God has brought a different adventure into the life he shares with his wife Stephanie in recent years…foster kids!

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