Communicating the Mission


June, 2017


One of the ways YMCAs around the country express their Christian heritage is through wall graphics and pictures posted around their facility.

Done correctly they can communicate a powerful message of the YMCA’s mission without offending those who may not adhere to the Christian faith. Recently the YMCA of Columbia-Willamette commissioned a series of such wall displays to install in their various locations.

Taken from the Beatitudes in the book of Matthew, each piece highlights both the scriptural reference and an example of how the Y was created to live out that message. While the explanation of the Y’s mission is hard to see in these photos, the actual pieces are almost four feet tall and the message is clear and taken directly from the annals of YMCA history.

In these pieces, the YMCA communicates a clear message about the original mission of the YMCA and how that mission is firmly based on the teachings of Christ. In this simple, non-confrontational way, the YMCA of Columbia-Willamette is able to take a stand on its Christian mission.

There are countless examples of how YMCAs around the country are using such graphic images to communicate their mission. Through these visual reminders we can share the powerful message of hope that resonates throughout the Y’s history.