By Roger Button
Chaplain, Clark County Family YMCA

“If you do something good for someone and expect something in return you are not doing good, you are doing business. Do good, not business.”

At the Clark County Family YMCA they focus on doing good. In fact, their “Transformation Team”, made up of both staff and volunteers, wear T-shirts that read, “Do Good” on the back! These dedicated team members intentionally come into right relationship with people, find out their needs, their hurts and their pain. They mourn with those who mourn, and rejoice with those who rejoice. Staff members come from aquatics, healthy living, child watch, membership and youth development. This amazing team listens to member’s hurts and prays for them, with the able help of their Y Chaplain, Roger Button.

In speaking with other YMCA leaders about this successful program, Roger finds that they often say they wish that they could do this, but they are afraid that they will lose members and donors if they hire a chaplain and put an emphasis on the Christian mission in their Y. “Doing good sounds great,” they say, “but it is not good business.” The idea of losing dollars and then losing their job is evidently a real fear. It is a human fear. Roger says, “All I can tell them is how this worked out at our Y.”

A quick walk around the Clark YMCA will show that people do feel good, people in the community do notice, and many even own what they see the Transformation Team doing. As a result of such efforts, a general sense of unity has created an even larger community. Some have been so impacted that they are raising money for our Y without us even asking.

Recently a member came into Roger’s office and said she had been talking with another member in our community room. During the conversation the person said that they had an annuity that they receive monthly that they do not need, and they were thinking of giving it to a charity. The member said, “Give it right here at our YMCA. Do you know all the “Good” they are doing? They need your support to help them do all these things.”

Has the Clark County Y been affected by adding a chaplain and Christian mission to our offerings? Yes, but not in a fearful, negative way. They have found a true sense of community. People see folks “Doing Good” and want to be part of that.

Doing Good is actually good business!