Foster Care Changes Lives


February, 2017

Community Impact

Chris Sapp has a busy life!

He serves as the Executive Director of the YMCA of South Palm Beach County in Boca Raton, Florida. A graduate of VCU in Richmond, where he majored in athletic training, ending up as a YMCA executive was a natural fit.

But God has brought a different adventure into the life he shares with his wife Stephanie in recent years…foster kids!

Moving to Florida in 2009 to accept his current position has proved to be more than just an opportunity to advance his career. As he got settled into his new role he became aware of the overwhelming need for foster parents in his community. He and Stephanie discussed the idea and proceeded to get involved. Shortly thereafter they found out she was pregnant and they would also be blessed with a son of their own.

In the years that have followed they’ve been able to foster a number of children in their home, along with welcoming their natural born daughter Eliza to the family. Their home has been a hub bub of activity.

Just last month they have decided to move forward with the adoption of their latest foster son, Evan. This smiling young guy has already become a part of the family and is sure to enjoy life with his new older brother and two sisters…not to mention a dad who loves to play with the kids outdoors.

Chris shared his experiences with the foster care system on our national conference call last month. While he always works in the hope of bring full restoration of these foster kids to their natural families, the need for stable homes for these kids caught in the middle of such situations is very real. He’s found the experience incredibly rewarded, as have his wife and children. It’s an experience he feels more folks involved with the YMCA can and should explore.

There are a number of families connected with the US Mission Network that can echo Chris’ experience with foster care. The need is great and the opportunity to change a child’s life is very real. We encourage you to consider this opportunity to be a blessing and to be blessed yourself in return.

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