Good Friday—Sharing Our Heritage


May, 2018


The season leading up to the celebration of Easter is marked by a variety of events, both inside and outside of the faith community.

The Lenten season kicks off with Mardi Gras Tuesday—a secular celebration of excess—followed by Ash Wednesday, an acknowledgement of our need for God’s grace. The culmination of the Lenten season is the day we know as Good Friday, a commemoration of the day Jesus Christ was crucified.

Communities around the country often gather on Good Friday to acknowledge the meaning of the cross and to call the community to repentance. Many of these gatherings are breakfast meetings sponsored by local YMCAs. This year was no exception, with significant breakfast gatherings held in Portland, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Atlanta, Long Beach, Anaheim, Lansing, Albany, Winona Lakes and many more.

While we can’t show you pictures of each of these events or tell you all about them, we can say with confidence that they all have one thing in common—they raise the visibility of the YMCA in the larger faith community and connect us to our history and heritage. YMCAs involved in sponsoring a Good Friday breakfast make a statement to their friends and neighbors, which says, “We are the Young Men’s Christian Association … and we know what that means.”

We can be proud of our heritage. We have a very important role to play in our larger community, reaching those who may never approach the door of a church. At the USMN, our prayer is that through events like the Good Friday Breakfast the YMCA will be able to hold up a light in the darkness, and by doing so help lift up the name of Christ. That’s something our founder, George Williams, would most like to see in the YMCA he envisioned.

Thank you to all those YMCAs, big or small, who played a role in bringing this type of gathering to your community. May God bless you and your team as you continue to serve the One who served us all.