February, 2017

Church Partnership

For over 170 years, the YMCA has been committed to strengthening our communities and caring for our neighbors. We know other Y’s across the country share a similar vision to reach out, serve, and care for others.

During these complex times many faith leaders and the churches they serve are facing greater stress from all sides of life. These stresses, if left unchecked, can have devastating effects on their personal and professional lives and on the organizations they shepherd. We want to offer both these pastors and their churches the opportunity and support to become healthy pastors leading healthy churches. Together they will help keep our community strong.

The YMCA Healthy Pastor Initiative (HPI) is a 12-month program that builds on the Y’s recognized expertise in providing the personalized, one-on-one support. We believe this support will lead participating pastors to achieve their best in Spirit, Mind, and Body. This program will address areas of lifestyle balance, stress reduction, healthy relationships, fitness activity, healthy eating, and spiritual growth just to name a few. Through the generosity of others in Central Florida community, the YMCA is offering 10 local pastors the opportunity to join this pilot program at no cost.

The YMCA Healthy Church Initiative (HCI) is a six-week program where participants meet in small group settings to discuss Biblical teachings about health and wellness, develop healthier habits around food, fitness, and weight loss, set personalized realistic goals for staying on track and achieving long-term change, discover the social benefit of exercise and build stronger relationships with God, family and community.

Within 72 hours of sending out the HPI application 22 pastors had already asked to be considered for the 10 open spots. The first HCI was held earlier this month with 12 representatives meeting at a local church. These meetings included 45 minutes of facilitated discussion around what the Bible says about taking care of our body and 45 minutes of functional movement

If you have any questions about these exciting new programs, check out the PDF links below or reach out to Chad Garmon personally at 407-895-4288 or cgarmon@cfymca.org