International Connections


February, 2017

Community Impact

Are you aware that the YMCA is in 119 countries? Many of these YMCAs respond to needs in their communities with programs and services that help people to reach their full potential.

This past fall, after hurricane Matthew hit the island of Haiti, it was the YMCA that assisted in providing resources and aid to many families of this country. In Germany, YMCAs reach out to refugees in their country who came from various war-torn, Middle Eastern countries. In the Ukraine, the YMCA ministers to their citizens who have been displaced by war. The Lebanon YMCA also reaches, responds and serves Syrian refugees.

The YMCA’s history is to be an out-reaching presence in communities where they are placed while serving people groups without discrimination. The YMCA has been and is a unifier which builds upon healthy relationships with all people groups. In many war-torn nations, it is the YMCA which provides a safe place of healing and unity within the scope of Christian values which includes love, unity, and justice.

At the Jerusalem International YMCA three people groups successfully work, serve, play and rejoice together in unity. It is a place of where the Christian presence of love is not offensive but inclusive and cherished. It demonstrates a community that works as God intended and how people should relate.

In our own war-torn nation (certainly feels like it) it is up to us to make our YMCA a safe place of commonality, where our goals are to welcome all in the development of health (spirit, soul [mind], and body) and wellness. It is where we implement our mission statement while adhering to our Christian heritage of love to all without discrimination.

“The YMCA works to bring social justice and peace to young people and their communities, regardless of religion, race, gender or culture.”
Taken from the World YMCA website

God is my strength and power; and He maketh my way perfect. —2 Samuel 22:33 (KJV)

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