Introducing Joe Pfeiffer


March, 2017

Partner Ministries

We’re happy to announce that we have officially hired Joe Pfeiffer as our Alpha Partnership Director for the US Mission Network.

Joe officially starts with us on March 20 after spending the last 8 years on the pastoral staff of a church in Portland, Oregon. We’re very excited to bring Joe into this ministry in the YMCA. We think you’ll immediately sense His passion to make an impact in our country.

After review by multiple parties, Joe was selected to be a part of the top 6 applicants, all of which Larry met with in hour long personal interviews. Three final candidates were selected to be interviewed by our hiring teamDavid Byrd, Angie Prenger, Bob Hall, Larry Whittlesey, and Alpha USA Vice President John Wentz. Joe was the unanimous choice of that team after the three interviews.

A prerequisite to being hired was passing an extensive personality evaluation called the Birkman Assessment. The 400-500 assessment tool determines how a particular person will thrive or struggle in different work scenarios. Alpha USA uses this tool extensively and asked that any candidate we hired fit the profile they have found works well for their ministry. The resulting profile, all 37 pages of it, confirmed our belief that Joe is the right guy for the job.

Joe and his wife Esther live in Vancouver, Washington just across the Columbia River from Portland. Esther works as a professional counselor. Together Joe and Esther have recently entered the world of parenthood with the entrance of their first child, Adelyn, born on Jan. 27, 2017!

We’ll be introducing Joe on our USMN monthly conference call on Wednesday, April 8. I hope you’ll join us in welcoming Joe to our team!