If you stop by the Kokomo YMCA around noon any given Wednesday you might be surprised to find upwards of 200 men gathered in the gym………STUDYING THE BIBLE! Now in its 10th year of existence, the Kokomo Huddle is “a non-denominational weekly forum in which men can be transparent with one another challenged by God’s Word.”

The program is simple and to the point. Normally a light lunch is provided starting at 12:10 PM. Over the course of the next 40 minutes a discussion leader guides the men through a pre-determined study. Most recently the group has been considering Francis Chan’s book, “Crazy Love”.

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While this is not an official YMCA program, this gathering has been housed at the YMCA since its inception. CEO Dave DuBois of the Kokomo YMCA is both an enthusiastic supporter of the weekly “Huddle” and an active participant.

The goals of this collaborative effort are clearly stated on their website:

1. Engage men in the study of God’s Word

2. Make know God’s plan of salvation

3. Provide a safe environment for men to discuss spiritual matters

4. Equip and encourage men to apply Christian teaching to their life.

The short 40 minute format makes it possible for men to participate in the “huddle” during their lunch hour. The YMCA’s central location and non-threatening atmosphere make it the perfect spot for such a diverse gathering.

The format used by the Kokomo Huddle is easily replicable in almost any location. Copies of their past discussion guides are readily available on their website – www.kokomohuddle.org

Men are looking for a place to be “real” – a place where they can talk through the issues of life. Perhaps your YMCA can follow the example of the Kokomo YMCA and gather together with other community partners to better serve the men in your area.