Making an Impact in Kenya


March, 2018

Partner Ministries

We’re excited to share this fresh report from Scott Reall, Stephanie Gibson and the Restore Small Groups team.

We’re grateful for their partnership with the USMN and their ongoing work to transform lives around the world. Here is Scott’s report:

“Something big is being prepared in Kenya!

“We have been on African soil only three days, and already life-changing and ministry-changing transformation is taking place. On Wednesday, one participant shared with tears running down their face, ‘This has made us see that we have been doing wrong as Christian leaders; we have been too afraid to share our own vulnerable stories, out of fear. We must ask God to help us change! We must take this to the people!’

“God has been preparing this time in Africa for years—that truth is echoed by our staff, board and volunteers who coordinated Restore’s inaugural trip to Kenya.

“Journey to Freedom has been in Kenya for more than seven years, thanks largely to global small groups advocate, Stephanie Gibson, and a boots-on-the-ground volunteer, Cornel Onyango. Over the years, Journey to Freedom has grown slowly, with emphasis on impacting pastors. In 2016, we received a grant to translate Journey to Freedom into Swahili, and that project sparked a flurry of new volunteers and a big vision for how to help the mental health needs of our brothers and sisters in Kenya.

“With a Swahili translation in the final phase, we envision Journey to Freedom being a new tool that can bring hope and reconciliation to the entire region.”