March, 2017


Matt Goebel, Chaplain of the Kosciusko Community YMCA, understands the value of messaging. When members of his community use the facility, they see reminders of why faith is at the foundation of what it means to be a YMCA.
I recently visited Matt and the new CEO of their Y, Jim Swanson, in Warsaw, Indiana. As I walked around their new building, I couldn’t help but notice the Christ-based posters on the walls. These posters are a reminder of how God works in our lives. They share help get members thinking about something more than their workout. They help to build community, establish the priorities of their Y, and set the tone for how they want to be seen by their community.
After my visit I asked Matt if he would mind sending some of these posters to share with others around the country. He’s provided the files so that you can have them made and displayed at your own Y.
Thanks Matt and Jim! We’re excited to see you’re sharing your faith in this creative way!