Response from Yakima YMCA


March, 2018


Late last month our National Director, Larry Whittlesey, was able to squeeze in a trip to Yakima, Washington before heading to the Y-USA Program Expo.

An evening meeting with their newly formed Christian Mission Committee was followed by breakfast with their key staff and volunteers and the association’s Annual Meeting at lunch. Here is the positive response we got back from Bob Romero, CEO of the Yakima YMCA:

“Thank you so much for fitting the Yakima YMCA into your schedule. I truly appreciate your vision and mission to use the Y to serve Christ and the community simultaneously. Your message of meeting the needs of people while being true to who we are resonated with our volunteers and staff.

“In between stints at the state basketball tournament in Yakima last week, I was able to converse with our full-time staff members at our regularly scheduled staff meeting. You inspired and challenged them. Despite faith journeys that range from ‘never gotten started’ to ‘committed child of God’, everyone found good takeaways from your presentations. The concept that really clicked was the opportunity to impact our community and meet people’s needs just by serving as a host site. Sometimes just opening our doors and providing a safe place to meet can be life changing. Too often in the Y, we think we have to train someone or get a certification and run all the programs. We fall into that revenue expense thinking. I guess that’s why God and not an accountant or Y director was in charge of planning for Jesus’ three year ministry.

“… I see some good things coming from your visit to Yakima. Thank you for the inspiring visit. It will bear fruit.”


Bob Romero
Executive Director
Yakima Family YMCA