Retired? I Don’t Think So


August, 2017


Earlier this year, Gray Stallworth retired as the CEO of the Greenwood YMCA in South Carolina. At least, so he says.

In all reality, he’s as busy as ever but focused now solely on helping to lift up Jesus in YMCAs all across the region. He was recently certified as a Chaplain and hopes to land a position soon as a full-time Christian Mission Director in a local Y.

In the meantime he’s doing what he can to encourage the Christian mission of YMCAs in his neck of the woods. Currently he is working with Danny McConnell and the Family Y of Augusta. Beginning Aug. 15, and continuing for about four weeks, he’ll be making a total of 10 presentations about the Christian heritage of the YMCA. Danny invited him to each of their branch board orientation sessions. He’ll be using much of what we’ve learned over the years from David Newman about George Williams.

To keep it different, he’s going to appear as George Williams and tell the story in first person at the first session. The VP he’s working with in Augusta likes the idea of something fresh to help make the presentation special. However, Gray told her to not hold her breath, especially if she’s expecting an English accent.

Retired? I don’t think so. Gray seems to have been retreaded and is to continuing the serve the YMCA every day.