Our 5-Year Strategic Plan


The US Mission Network will lead intentional efforts nationwide to encourage a culture of prayer within the YMCA movement.

Church Partnerships

We will build a growing network of churches that are committed to partnering with their local YMCAs.

Christian Mission Positions

The US Mission Network will cast a vision, advise, and mentor YMCAs in their effort to create and fund new Christian mission positions that will specifically focus on spiritually impacting members, staff, volunteers, and their community.

Christian Leadership Development

The US Mission Network will provide meaningful opportunities for YMCA staff and volunteers at every level to access a relational network of support, training and mentorship for the purpose of deepening and expanding their leadership of the YMCA Christian mission.

Sustainable Funding

We will strive to create a long-term sustainable funding model that will ensure the Christian ministry of US Mission Network’s national office and the initiatives being led by the network within the YMCA movement.

We're dedicated to preserving, nurturing, and advancing the Christian heritage and purpose of the YMCA across America.

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