Today’s Modern Plague


February, 2017

Partner Ministries

Overcoming cancer often requires a heroic amount of physical, emotional and spiritual strength.

No one understands this better than the Reverend Percy McCray, Director of Faith Based Programs and the dedicated pastoral staff he works with at five regional medical centers of Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA).

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® employs and deploys Ordained Ministers who are specialized with in-depth experience working with cancer patients, caregivers, local churches and other pastors nationally. Cancer Treatment Centers of America created Our Journey of Hope® and empowered this dynamic team to lead the charge of providing biblical-based cancer care training ministry to faith communities and organizations around the country. They help equip leaders with practical tools, to mentor and provide support in the journey of establishing successful cancer care ministries.

Percy shared some of the ways CTCA is piloting a program with West Palm Beach YMCA to collaboratively serve families dealing with this modern plague of cancer during our national conference call last week. We will be following up with him as we look for ways to partner with CTCA around the country to bring Christ into these difficult life situations.

The US Mission Network is exploring national partnership opportunities with CTCA.

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