USMN is Making a Difference


October, 2018


A significant number of things have been accomplished to establish our presence within the larger YMCA movement.

In August of 2014, a group of 11 Senior YMCA leaders from across the country met to formalize their collaborative efforts to lift up the C in the YMCA. Merging with the existing organic movement that had been birthed out the former John 17:21 conferences, the official movement known as the US Mission Network was launched in early 2015.

We put together two documents to help tell that story to those who may not yet know about the US Mission Network.

Ministry Overview

The Ministry Overview is a report like one that is prepared by most local YMCAs each year. This document is an overview of the breadth of the network’s reach across the country. It highlights many of the programs and activities launched and continuing to run through arms of the network. Many of these programs are organized and run by local YMCAs in their effort to better serve their communities.

Behind these things is a desire to learn from each other, share ideas and find creative ways to live out our Christian faith as a YMCA. We tell stories, share resources and work to create vision in Ys that want to develop their own outreach programs.

View Ministry Overview 2018

Difference Makers

Another document is Difference Makers. We want to share the ways the USMN is working to help promote this Christian mission of the Y with current and prospective donors. Each quarter, we highlight stories or quotes from all levels of the Y to show how the USMN is being used to make a difference.

View Difference Makers Q4 2018

We are using these new tools to share how Ys have joined together in their passion to live out the Christian heritage and purpose of the YMCA. These stories help build camaraderie, draw others to the network and provide new ideas for Ys to consider.

We love to tell your stories! The credit for the work belongs to you, but we have the joy of encouraging other Y leaders by sharing how your YMCA is making a difference. Keep up the great work!