Why Start a Mops Group?


May, 2018

Partner Ministries

We often encourage YMCAs to consider starting faith-based small groups, such as Restore Small Group’s “Journey to Freedom”, Financial Peace University, Grief Share, Transformational Leadership or an Alpha group.

These small group gatherings, normally run by community partners, help people work through the real life issues that impact their spirit every day.

One of our national partners, MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), offers an amazing program for moms that is transforming lives all over the world. These gatherings provide mothers with an outlet to talk about life and faith in the midst of raising their families. Here’s just one story that may give you an idea of how transformative these MOPS groups can be.

“I joined MOPS in 2003, when my daughter was six months old. I remember crying through the whole first meeting. Less than a year out of college, I had no friends who were married, much less having kids. I remember how grateful I felt to see other women having the same experiences, struggles and joys, and how delighted I was to have friends who understood my life. I have been attending the same group for fourteen years now, and each year, I value the friendships I make with women at my table and on my leadership team.

“More than the beauty of relationships, MOPS has given me the gift of seeing myself as a leader of adults. I led children for many years, but children are easy to lead. Women, on the other hand, are complicated creatures. I got my first taste of leadership as a Creative Activities leader, a place I felt fairly comfortable. God, and the women on my team, called me to places I felt more and more uncomfortable in. First as Coordinator, then as MOPPETS leader, then as a coach and even to a homeless shelter, to spread the love of Jesus through MOPS to women who would never come to our group. Each time, God stretches my faith, gives me a solid ground to stand on and together we watch as miracles unfold.

“I learn so many things through MOPS that directly and practically apply to not only my life in general, but are so useful in day to day situations with friends, coworkers, spouses and kids.”

For more information on how you can start a MOPS group in your YMCA contact Tanya Rodriguez at MOPS at trodriguez@mops.org